Why British International Education?

The British international education has a worldwide reputation for excellence and is recognised and respected around the world. What makes a British education so popular internationally and why is it such a good fit for your child’s education? Touted to be a world class curriculum designed to help young people flourish academically and personally with appropriate skills sets to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Benefits of the British International Education

1) Students can easily assimilate and seamlessly transfer into any schools with British education in 160 countries around the world.
2) World class curriculum recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide.
3) Leads to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A Level certifications which provides access to the world’s top universities and learning institutes.
4) Broad and well balanced spread across a wide spectrum of Arts, Sciences and Humanities subjects.
5) Rigorous, academic and well organised for keeping track of progress and encouraging achievements, all the way from primary school to university level.
6) Promotes independent critical thinking and embraces creativity.
7) Grows active and inquisitive learners, encouraging students to voice their own ideas with confidence.
8) Students are encouraged to identify similarities rather than differences among nationalities, religions and cultures and to celebrate and respect other people’s beliefs, opinions, and customs. In many schools, this responsibility towards others extends to outreach and charity work.


The British International Curriculum

The Curriculum is divided into 'Early Years Foundation' and 5 'Key Stages' and leads to the IGCSE examinations at Key Stage 4 and the A Level examinations at Key Stage 5.

Key Stage


Year Group

Major Exam

Early Years Foundation

3 - 5

Key Stage 1

5 - 7

1 - 2

Key Stage 2

7 - 11

3 - 6

Key Stage 3

11 - 14

7 - 9

Key Stage 4

14 – 16

10 - 11

Key Stage 5

16 - 18

12 - 13

A Levels