The official caterer of Inspiros International School is SHF Services. SHF Services is the market leader for food catering in International schools in Malaysia. All food served will be Halal and will adhere to the highest standards of quality, health and safety.

With more than 3000 employees worldwide, they pride themselves on developing and delivering original food and service solutions whether in the workplace, schools and hospitals.

Like Inspiros, SHF services places an importance on nutrition and healthy eating amongst young people and are constantly striving to find new ways to ensure that they are playing their part in building tomorrow’s healthy people. We are proud to partner SHF services in the catering of our school.

SHF Services prides itself with the following guidelines when cooking:

  • Reduced saturated fat
  • Baking, grilling and steaming rather than frying
  • MSG free
  • Reduced sugar and artificial colouring content

The Inspiros International School's sample monthly food menu can be downloaded here for the reference of parents and students.