Christopher Choo

Year 11(Science Stream)

"Christopher is happier in this school. I am glad that he is no longer stressed about school and I believe that the environment in the school and teachers played an important part in that. I am extremely pleased with his new found interest in subjects such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry. I believe that it's because of his good science teachers.

All his teachers have been doing a great job in helping Chris prepare for this upcoming examination and I would like to thank Ms. Rema for teaching him ICT the right way. She is also very dedicated and caring towards Chris. I'd like to thank Ms. Jasmine for being responsive towards the students’ needs and parent’s queries." ~ Mdm. Conee

Abrian Wu

Year 2

"We trust the academic team and he has a good relationship with all of his teachers." ~ Mdm.Sim

Chan Zi Hang

Year 2

"She has improved greatly in her academics and she loves coming to school” ~ Mdm.Evelyn

Daryl Goh

Year 11 (Art Stream)

"Since entering the school, Daryl had been studying better and shows great interest in catching up with his homework and studies. The Accounting, Commerce and Maths teachers are professional and has great knowledge in supporting Daryl through to his IGCSE” ~ Mdm. Gladys

Lew Jun Song

Year 11 (Art Stream)

"We feel that Jun Song is now showing greater commitment towards his studies than before. He is definitely more passionate in his studies compared to when he was in his previous school” ~ Mdm. Lee

Choi Huey Ling

Year 11 (Art Stream)

"After entering Inspiros, Huey Ling has shown great improvement in her English both speaking and writing. Moreover, her communication skills has improved as well. I like it that the teachers are responsible and communicates well with the students. The teachers are always motivating the students to study hard and to help them achieve their goals. Overall they have a very good management team" ~ Mdm Chen

Tristan Ng

Year 4

“Tristan now seems more responsible and executes self-initiatives in getting his homework done, and I believe he completes ALL his homework, instead of selecting subjects that he likes or are able to do. Previously, he would defer both school & homework on the subjects he had trouble with, adopting the ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude Generally, his attitude has improved probably because he’s happier at school now. He’s not as angsty as before. Much to our relief! And because you and the teachers have given him the opportunity to get involved in social/extra-curricular programs and assume some responsibilities, I’m happy to say, he’s observed to be more mindful about making deadlines." - Madam Woon

Yong Kye Hsuen

Year 8

"Kye Hsuen used to have low self-esteem and unenthusiastic about trying new things. Since joining Inspiros she is noticeably more confident about her own abilities and also become an active and adventurous girl. I like that Inspiros focuses on a child's overall development and not just academics. The teachers are caring and encouraging and Kye Hsuen has the opportunity to participate in meaningful CCA that I think will enhance her personal development” ~ Mr. Marcus Yong

Harshina A/P Anbarasu

Year 8

"Harshina finds schooling at Inspiros very interesting and always leaves with a pleasant feeling. Her relationship with the teacher is generally good and she has improved academically as well. She is also really brave now, which is a good thing for her. I am able to predict more improvement coming from her with the help of everyone at Inspiros” ~ Mr. Anbarasu

Nadine Ng

Year 8

“Nadine has shown marked improvements. Thanks to the constant encouragement from the teachers, she’s even more confident now. Her English has improved remarkably - her vocabulary and spoken proficiency are very good - which I’m ecstatic about!” ~ Mdm. Evelyn

Luzie Victoria Schafer

Year 2

“Luzie enjoys her time in class and her lessons. The teachers are constantly engaging and makes the lessons fun. She looks forward to coming to school every day.” ~ Mdm. Nicola Geb. Kruthoff


Year 2

“Ryhanna is happy in Inspiros. The teachers have been very attentive in making sure they follow the lesson well. I am glad to see my children enjoying their time in school. I also like the facilities provided, where they have access to a playground and kids gym nearby."  ~ Mdm. Dayang Norfitri

Louise Chukwuebuka Nelson

Year 1

“Louis is doing well in school. I particularly like the fact that the teachers and his KS Coordinators gives regular updates on his progress in both academics and behaviour. I would recommend the school to anyone looking for a good primary school program."  ~ Mr. Nelson Walter

Yvaine Crezencia Victorio

Year 1

“Yvaine has been very happy since joining the school. She particularly enjoys the in-class activities and interactive learning approach the school uses. I see that she is more engaged and attentive in her lessons." ~ Mdm. Soema Nancy

Keisha Peralta Patenia

Year 1

“My daughter started out being very shy but after joining Inspiros, we noticed that her self-confidence has increased throughout the years. Her teachers are also very kind and caring. They take very good care of her and is doing a good job teaching her. The classroom environment especially in the new block is great for learning."  ~ Mdm. Katherine Ferondez

Sam Tieh

Year 2

“Sam and Sean have been eager to join the school since their sister Sophie joined a few years ago and their experience thus far has been positive. They both love the teachers and the school very much. The school has been kind to accelerate them to Year 2 and the teachers are doing a great job in ensuring they are able to cope. We have no regrets sending all our children to Inspiros." ~ Mr. Tieh Siaw Siong

Hamin Lee

Year 3

“We are Koreans and both my kids enjoy coming to school and are learning very well.The teachers are very good and they like the activities provided in school. I can seem them improving especially the English. 2 years ago, my son and daughter could not speak English well, now they are able to hold a good conversation. We are very happy with Inspiros."  ~ Mr. Lee

Noah Ooi

Year 3

“Noah really enjoys coming to Inspiros. I find it better than his previous school. His teachers have been very good at guiding him academically and he enjoys all the activities here in school. He is doing very well, and we have no complaints so far."  ~ Mr. Ooi Kok Tong

Nur Alya Marissa Binti Yazzer Ahmad

Year 3

“I thank Inspiros in many ways for helping Marissa grow academically and develop her values. I see her becoming more focused in her work and can mix well with her peers. Her homeroom teacher is particularly kind and we appreciate the extra effort she puts in for Marissa."  ~ Mr. Yazzer Ahmad

Lee Jun Hao

Year 4

“Jun Hao is progressing well in school. He has been here for 4 years and we can see him progressing well. We hope that the school will continue to grow and continue to help him develop."  ~ Mdm. May Yee

Yolin Yong

Year 3

“My daughter loves her class and is extremely happy coming to school. She is always praising her homeroom teacher and her English teachers for the great lessons. Keep up the good work Inspiros!."  ~ Mdm. Seow Mei Keng

Elaiza Angela De Villa Llanto

Year 3

“Elaiza enjoys being in her current class very much. She is able to learn well, and the homeroom teacher is one of the best teachers she has had so far. She goes the extra mile in ensuring Elaiza understands the lessons and is very particular for the student’s wellbeing."  ~ Mdm. Irene De Villa

Yire Park

Year 3

“My daughter is always smiling and cheerful after school. She looks forward to coming to school and loves her homeroom teacher very much. I am happy she likes coming to school and her English is getting better." ~ Mdm. Kim Im Kyung

Muhd. Rafi Putra

Year 2

“Inspiros is a life saver and I owe the development of my children to the teachers in Inspiros. I am very thankful that the teachers are doing such a good job. I can see drastic improvements in their behaviour and academics.  I am very proud that my sons are studying in such a good school. " ~ Mdm. Nurimah

Lee Jie Xin

Year 5

“Both my children are doing well in the school. There is room for improvement, but I am happy having them in the school." ~ Mdm. Alison Woon

Ho Jia Joe

Year 7

“Jia Joe is progressing well in the school. He puts in a lot of effort in the class and he likes the project-based work. It is great that the school gives the students project-based work to engage learning better. I can see that he is learning better through these methods." ~ Mdm. Lee Wai Mun

Saathana Suresh

Year 7

“My daughter likes the school very much and has been here for a few years now. I can see her improving and her teachers have been helping her a lot. The introduction of the new CCA facilities is a good as the students can have a better variety of sports and activities." ~ Mdm. Senpagam

Kai Hao Bing

Year 9

“Both my sons are progressing well in the school. They have been getting good support from the teachers and I am very appreciative of the teachers giving us good feedback all the time on their progress." ~ Mdm. Kong Kar Yuen