Choosing the Right School - 5 Key Factors

Many parents are opting for an international school education because of concerns about the quality of education in the public school system. The increase in the number of international schools in the country is testament to a growing need. Parents looking for an international school for their children are now inundated with options. While there are a variety of considerations that may influence the decision making process, as a general rule, there are five key factors.

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Why British International Education?

The British international education has a worldwide reputation for excellence and is recognised and respected around the world. What makes a British education so popular internationally and why is it such a good fit for your child’s education? Touted to be a world class curriculum designed to help young people flourish academically and personally with appropriate skills sets to meet the challenges of a changing world.

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Malaysian Education Landscape

The Malaysian education landscape is diverse, leaving parents spoilt for choice on what type of education to choose. For many, decisions are purely made on cost.

This article dissects the differences in the different types of education in Malaysia to make comparison easier.

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What to ask when choosing a homeschool learning centre?

There are advantages and disadvantages of enrolling your child in a homeschool centre. With the growing number of centres in Malaysia, this article examines the questions every parent should ask the homeschool centre before enrolling their child in the centre.

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