A levels

As Inspiros International School expands and our students continue to progress through Primary and Secondary school, we have responded to the call to establish a Cambridge International A level programme fully complemented with our style of learning and teaching.

The world renown Cambridge International A level programme gives students who successfully complete the programme, worldwide recognition. The qualification is a pre-requisite for entry into the top universities in the UK, Ireland, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Germany.

At Inspiros International School, we continue to instruct our students within the framework of our learning philosophy and way of teaching. Despite the more complex concepts that are embedded in the curriculum, we endeavour to teach it in an innovative and exciting way, fully embracing the potential of technology.

The Cambridge International A level programme runs over 1.5 years. Inspiros International School offers the following subjects for Cambridge International A level.

A Level Subject Choices

A Level

Science Stream

Arts Stream








Business Studies

Recommended A Levels Subject Combinations for University Courses

The following subject combinations are recommendations by Career Experts. Please be aware that every university/college will have different requirements so we recommend checking the university/college requirements before choosing subject combinations.


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Natural Sciences: Physics/Chemistry/Biology

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics

Engineering/Computer Science

Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry


Further Mathematics, Physics, Mathematics


English Literature, Law

Economics/Accounting and Finance

Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Business Studies


Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics

Mass Communication/Marketing/Hospitality and Tourism

English Literature, Mathematics